The cost of meetings

Today I went to a meeting. Those attending had come from libraries across Wales. Twenty five people were present. Even if those people only earned £10 per hour (and many would have been on much greater salaries than that) the meeting cost £625, plus lunch for delegates – maybe £8 a head? That makes it £745. Add in average time taken for those attending to get to the meeting… let’s see, Pembrokeshire, Swansea, Wrexham, Lampeter, Powys and a few more besides. Let’s say average an hour and a half per person. That’s another £375. Plus the cost of the travelling itself – heaven knows. 

One of the reasons we met was to see a marketing film being made to promote libraries. The room we met in had video conference facilities. There are video conference suites in every academic institution in Wales, schools, colleges and universities. And libraries are under threat of closure.

Heigh ho.

At least the decision was taken to meet in that way only once a year.


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