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Learning Organisations

This morning,  sent me this rather useful precis definition of a Learning Organisation, based on the work of Peter Senge as reported in Fortune magazine over fifteen years ago. A learning organisation is one in which… · every employee is actively engaged … Continue reading

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The Picturemakers

This morning I gathered with my ‘critical friends’, the Picturemakers, for our annual general meeting. We’re a collective of artists who have been exhibiting around Wales since 2006 and we meet once a month to help each other decide “where … Continue reading

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It’s nothing compared with the Biblical proportions of the Australian floods, but this morning Blaedolau playing field is a lake. A lake about four feet deep. I expected to see coracles. And possibly sharks.

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Universal Aunts

It’s just crossed my mind that I can probably no longer safely stand on my head. I was taught to do so nearly fifty years ago by a young woman whose name was, I think, Jill, and who was a … Continue reading

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Change or stagnate

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” American life coach Anthony Robbins has hit the nail square on the head with this simple thought. Change is easy to think about, but hard to implement … Continue reading

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Calennig – the New Year gift

This morning I saw three small children heading for door carrying a biscuit tin. When I opened the door they grinned and sang lustily: Dydd calan yw hi heddiw, Rwy’n dyfod ar eich traws I ofyn am y geiniog, Neu … Continue reading

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