The downside of video-conferencing

Anyone who knows me knows how much I support the use of video-coference over trailing halfway across Wales for meetings. In fact this week we’ve done two VC promotions as part of Sustainability Week. However, this week I went to a meeting in Swansea and, arriving early, wandered into the central market.

I was instantly assailed by the vivid colours of the fruit and vegetables piled high in stunning displays. Lettuces, radishes and asparagus cut locally in the preceding few hours vied with Pembrokeshire potatoes (oh, the sweet smell of the earth on them) and lacl greens to catch the eye.

Drawn in by the sights and smells and the bustle of porters I came to the fish and shellfish merchants who make the market famous across Wales. Glittering on the crushed ice, hake, bass and trout swam up the display. Fillets and fish steaks made borders between the species and cockles, whelks and laverbread and crabs from the Gower added colour and texture.

I went to the meeting buoyed up by the beautiful experience!


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As iCoachHE: Leadership coach, facilitator, educator, communicator, staff developer. As Smu Upton Translation ( translator from french to English As Artist in watercolour, pastel, acrylic, oil and ceramics
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