Glazing and surface decoration

Started a new course today with Angharad Taris. Fortunately there were enough of us so the course should run. We concentrated on making lots of test tiles and going through the basics of the physical composition of clay. Sad creature that I am, the standard chemical composition if clay kept running through my head like a mantra as I worked. I had a small amount of clay dug from the water supply pit, so having dried it last night I soaked it and put it through a 60 mesh sieve, so we’ll see how it turns out next week. It feels slightly plastic, but of course it’s impossible to tell how it’ll work until it’s dried out some.

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As iCoachHE: Leadership coach, facilitator, educator, communicator, staff developer. As Smu Upton Translation ( translator from french to English As Artist in watercolour, pastel, acrylic, oil and ceramics
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