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Missing the ‘obvious’

Last week I was talking to a colleague about swimming and she told me she couldn’t swim well because she couldn’t get her breath properly. She said she was going to get some lessons. Over the weekend, she went swimming with … Continue reading

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JISC Technology working for Wales conference 2012

Copies of presentations, project summaries and closing reports can be found at Similarly, Tweets from the day have been collated and Storified here An excellent conference with some hard choices to be made about which strands to follow, … Continue reading

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There’s nothing new..

“We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising, and a … Continue reading

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Graduation 2011

You’d think I’d be bored with it by now, but every year I look forward to working with colleagues from the Registry on the graduation ceremonies. It’s a real buzz making sure that all those young (and some not so … Continue reading

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Crash, bang, thud!

Big building project well under way at work. Demolition chaps the size of mountains crashing sledgehammers into everything in sight. Site manager small, female and highly competent. Collaboration with other university colleagues outside the department going well. I’m actually quite … Continue reading

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The downside of video-conferencing

Anyone who knows me knows how much I support the use of video-coference over trailing halfway across Wales for meetings. In fact this week we’ve done two VC promotions as part of Sustainability Week. However, this week I went to … Continue reading

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Learning Organisations

This morning,  sent me this rather useful precis definition of a Learning Organisation, based on the work of Peter Senge as reported in Fortune magazine over fifteen years ago. A learning organisation is one in which… · every employee is actively engaged … Continue reading

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A day working at home

And a fairly productive one at that, though it defeats me why SharePoint has to be so incredibly clunky. Surely a piece of software aimed at collaboration and productivity should foster those ambitions?

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The cost of meetings

Today I went to a meeting. Those attending had come from libraries across Wales. Twenty five people were present. Even if those people only earned £10 per hour (and many would have been on much greater salaries than that) the meeting cost £625, … Continue reading

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