Deconstructing Executive Presence

How you present yourself, consciously or unconsciously, can make all the difference to how seriously your point of view is considered at work. More to the point, the impact of the image you project can determine how your career progresses.

Deconstructing Executive Presence –

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Every Leader Is an Artist

Every Leader Is an Artist –

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Picturemakers’ Blog

Just chaired another bright, sparky meeting of the Picturemakers when we welcomed Gordon Miles as our newest member. We now have our exhibition schedule planned out up to early 2014. It’s going to be busy this year and next. See the PMs blog here

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Sailing By

I’ve always loved the Sailing By theme music that precedes the shipping forecast every evening on Radio Four. I associate it with floating off to sleep, but of course for mariners, it’s the signal to listen up for the information on which your life may depend in the coming 24 hours. The theme was written in 1963 by the splendidly named Ronald Binge, and it is a circular piece, meaning it can be played for as long as necessary to fill in the time between the end of the midnight news and the start of the forecast.

I love the sea and I love to see white sails as I look down from my office window over Cardigan Bay. I must have one of the best views in the world – and one of the best commutes, up the coast road from Aberaeron to Aberyswyth.

I suppose I picture life as a voyage. As we set sail, we regularly re-chart our course and life tempts us to set foot on shores we often hadn’t dreamed of visiting. It often beaches us where we least expected it. And sometimes it throws storms or doldrums into our path, but by setting the right sails and paying attention to the most favourable winds, the majority of life is a pleasurable as sailing on a calm sea can be.

A painting of sailing boatsThis painting is one of a series inspired by Sailing By.

You can see more of my work at and

The Picturemakers are using this particular image on some of  the posters for our next exhibition at Morlan as part of the Ceredigion Arts trail from 21st  August till 30th September. You can meet the artists on August 25th and help us raise money for Y Falch Gobaith, the Beacon of Hope.

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Archeologists from University of Innsbruck find four 600-year-old linen bras at Lemberg Castle in Austria

Archeologists from University of Innsbruck find four 600-year-old linen bras at Lemberg Castle in Austria.

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JISC Technology working for Wales conference 2012

Copies of presentations, project summaries and closing reports can be found at

Similarly, Tweets from the day have been collated and Storified here

An excellent conference with some hard choices to be made about which strands to follow, which begs the question why the parallel sessions weren’t recorded. On the other hand the Cardiff Hilton, whilst a very pretty venue, had WiFi with many of the properties of damp string, so perhaps attempting to capture the sessions would have set everyone up for disappointment! Not the fault of the organisers certainly, who provided a balanced and interesting programme.

The keynote was given by Dr. Barrie Kennard from the Centre for Leadership and Management Skills Wales. Pragmatic and funny, he spoke of the support his organization, the only government sponsored centre in Europe, offers to leaders in the light of their necessity to be responsive and pro-active in our digital future. He asserted that risk aversion, common in our litigious society, gets in the way of leadership and encouraged leaders and managers to encourage working atmospheres in which mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, where leaders shoulder responsibility and where individual blame is never apportioned.

Smartphones for Doctors
iDoc is a project allowing hospital Drs access to an iPhone app which gives them the most up to date clinical info on any condition they search for  and examples were offered by two of those who took part in the pilot, citing examples where the app saved lives.  The app gives them just in time help, allows them to combine experience with available research and helps them be more confident when consulting more senior colleagues.

Tablet PC integration
Originally digital pen and paper, allowing assessors to fill in forms online to save carting portfolios (e.g NVQ) about with them, were welcomed as they allowed fast  processing of documentation, uploaded via fobile. Now they use tablets, document templates are processed live and checked on the hoof for errorsby the MIS processing centre in Cardiff. why apps?
Going wireless enhancing learner led assessment
Provided Android and ios devices in pilot. Apps provided all nearly free. Paid for evernote collaboration version. :£1.40.
Dropbox, seesmic, diigo,moodle, mahara etc. Main issues identified: mass charging of devices prior to loan, multiple individual users (created itec account to get round it) ,limited ports and “most schools are getting iPads”

Tablet assessment programme
EZ PDF reader app used on 3 android tablets by AU SELL staff to mark assessments. Worth looking at the .ppt for the engagement figures. Although marking time didn’t noticeably decrease, it was felt to be easier, there were logistical efficiencies and  more students consulted their assignment feedback.

Workstation Finder
Rob Stockton unable to attend, but would welcome links with others working on similar software, like rbj. Theirs allows WS  bookings. Others possibly working on integration with Google maps.

Thermography Llandrillo/Menai
Using mobiles to teach green issues spurred by Green Deal Initiative. Cameras used for monitoring electrical equipment

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Mixed with a little water.
The magic of oxides is that the dull grey powders turn out to be interesting colours when they’re. fired.

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Glazing week two

image Today we glazed a few of the test tiles we made last week.

We used the standard glazes available in the studio, but two of us had dug local clay and have done a couple of test tiles using it as a slip glaze. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out.



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Glazing and surface decoration

Started a new course today with Angharad Taris. Fortunately there were enough of us so the course should run. We concentrated on making lots of test tiles and going through the basics of the physical composition of clay. Sad creature that I am, the standard chemical composition if clay kept running through my head like a mantra as I worked. I had a small amount of clay dug from the water supply pit, so having dried it last night I soaked it and put it through a 60 mesh sieve, so we’ll see how it turns out next week. It feels slightly plastic, but of course it’s impossible to tell how it’ll work until it’s dried out some.

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There’s nothing new..

“We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising, and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation.” Petronius Arbiter, c. 60 AD

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